Handel Prize 2022

The Handel Prize of the City of Halle, awarded by the Handel House Foundation, will be presented this year to the President of the George Frideric Handel Society, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann, for his meritorious activities in the field of Handel research, as announced by Mayor Egbert Geier at a press conference of the Handel House Foundation last Friday (11 Febr 2022). The detailed appreciation of the award winner can be found on the Handel Festival website.

The festive award ceremony will take place on Saturday, 28 May 2022, 11.15 a.m., in the Aula of Martin Luther University as part of a small concert “with timpani and trumpets”. Before the concert, at 10 a.m., Professor Hirschmann will present the festival lecture “Arnold Schering and the World of Handel”. The theme, venue and setting refer to the lecture Arnold Schering gave 100 years ago at the 1922 Handel Festival.

After the award ceremony, the general meeting of the George Frideric Handel Society will take place from 12 noon, also in the Aula.