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The Handel Yearbook was first published from 1928 to 1933 in six volumes. Since 1955, it has been published by the George Frideric Handel Society without interruption until today; since 2008, in connection with the Foundation Handel-House. Contributions to the International Scholarly Conference in the context of the Handel Festival are regularly published in the yearbook. Furthermore, the yearbook showcases the Handel Festival’s annual public commemorative speech, annually updated statistics on performances of Handel operas and oratorios (by Prof Dr Manfred Rätzer), the internal report presented by the president of the George Frideric Handel Society, as well as a list of new Handel publications, put together by Jens Wehmann, member of staff at the Foundation Handel-House.

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index 1928 bis 2009 [247.5KB/pdf]
table of contents 2017  [541.2KB/pdf]

Handel Yearbook 2018

The Handel Yearbook 2018 was published by Bärenreiter. It includes contributions from the scholarly conference „Between Genius and Plagiarist. Handel’s Compositional Method and its Interpretations”, which took place in Halle in 2017. “The volume has become very extensive again with 471 pages. In terms of content, it is one of the most weighty in recent years, because it documents the state of research on the compositional process of Handel and the associated borrowing procedures and expands it with many new insights and interpretation approaches.” („Der Band ist mit 471 Seiten wieder sehr umfangreich geworden; inhaltlich ist er einer der gewichtigsten der vergangenen Jahre, weil er den Forschungsstand zum kompositorischen Prozess Händels und den damit verbundenen Entlehnungsverfahren dokumentiert und durch viele Neuerkenntnisse und Deutungsansätze erweitert.”, Wolfgang Hirschmann)

The Handel Yearbook can be purchased in book stores. Members of the George Frideric Handel Society receive a complimentary copy of the yearbook.